Cotton tails and cotton paper

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It’s finally feeling like Spring here in Portsmouth. Perfect timing for a weekend of egg hunting, jelly-bean eating, matzo-toffee, family dinners and lots and lots of time at the press. Whitney and I are set to churn out some lovely paper details on the Chandler & Price – photos of the process and product to come next week. Gus and Ruby have a full weekend planned of napping in the sunlight, drinking from the same water bowl, and playing tug’o’war with the hedgehog.

Wishing you and yours a joyous Spring, Easter, Passover, and just-plain-old-fun weekend!

The Gals and Pups at Gus & Ruby letterpress

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Butter Me Up

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In addition to being complete stationery nerds, Whitney and I also have a penchant for buttery, sugary, from-the-oven-lovin’ goodies. So, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these tasty little treats from Twig + Thistle. Hand-held deliciousness + DIY adorbs boxes = a design-hungry, hungry girl’s heaven! Couldn’t you just eat them up? Literally.

Get out your pens

Tell me your eyes don’t light up when you receive a handwritten note in the mail. These days it’s rare to receive letters from friends and family. Everything arrives in your in-box and is quickly filed away in its appropriate folder. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to look through my things some day and get a sense of the life I lived. I don’t envision them sifting through my gmail account to read my fragmented chats. So Sam and I set out to create sets of personal stationery that are the perfect size for a quick note to a friend. We printed them (letterpress of course) on 100% cotton (tree-free!) paper with vintage wood type. So fun! Get ’em while they’re hot!

Don’t forget the envelopes!

It’s amazing how a beautiful envelope can turn a simple handwritten note into a work of art. And likewise, how an ugly envelope can overshadow the most beautiful card. I am usually drawn to simple solids or rustic kraft. An easy way to spice up envelopes up is by adding cute labels (watch for these later this week) or a matching liner. This weekend I grabbed some scrap pieces of paper and lined a couple of envelopes so I could send some sweet notes along to friends.

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