I have been wanting to write this post for weeks now and I’ve just finally had the time to give it the attention that it deserves. Paper hounds, I am so SO very excited to introduce to you all one of our newest albums of invitations: MaeMae Paperie!!

MaeMae Paperie is the brainchild of the incredibly talented Megan Gonzalez. Whitney and I have been huge fans of Megan’s work for some time now. We’ve been following her blog and oohing and aaahing over her custom designs and were just GIDDY when she finally announced that she’d be putting out an album. Dream come true!! 

A little background about the name & logo: MaeMae means “little sister” in Chinese and has been Megan’s nickname for years and years (given to her lovingly by her little brothers).  And, the pony in her logo is a nod to her childhood stuffed toy and bestie (see below for evidence). Ponies + adorable nickname + stellar design = obvi I’m in love. Really, she had me at the pony.

(Hi baby Megan!  Hi today-Megan! You guys are adorbs! So is your pony!)

The collection that Megan has put together in this album is truly incredible.  Her sense of pattern, color, typesetting and whimsy combine to create pure magic and I’ve been spending lots of free moments just pouring over her designs.  Customizing is definitely a passion of hers and you can tell; each suite is designed to encourage mixing and matching and customizing the package to create your perfect vision. I really dig that she offers fun embellishments, too, like custom rubber stamps so you can DIY envelopes and wax seals.  And that’s on top of all the incredible colors, fonts, patterns and illustrations that you can mix and match to craft the pieces. All suites are available in flat or letterpress printing and you can even add some foil stamping magic for that extra shine!

Did I mention that she’s offering a promotion, too?  Woo hoo!!  Check it:

You really have to see this album in person to understand its total genius, but here’s a bit of eye candy to hold you over until you get your tail into the shop.

Pretty amazing, right?  We think so!  Call or email us for an appointment to come see the pretty for yourself.