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A Peek Inside Gus & Ruby Windows

At Gus & Ruby we adore all things beautiful. We love to focus on the tactile nature of the details, whether it’s the impression an inked plate makes into 100% cotton paper, or it’s a handmade bag where you can see the stitches that hold the fabric together. We fill the windows with our favorite products and custom work and we see the window displays as another creative venue, to make a beautiful space.

Lucky for me, it’s my job to execute the projects we daydream about installing in the windows. I wanted to start sharing this process in a new blog post that I’ll write after each new window has debuted. It’s so fun to connect with others who enjoy relishing in color palettes, textures, light, and beauty the way that I do. I can’t wait to hear from you about your own projects, tip, tricks, and things that you would love to see from us at Gus & Ruby!

One of my favorite things about dreaming up new projects for the windows is re-inventing things we use everyday, this time I used waxed paper and crayons. Below I’ll describe how to do it yourself!

You will need:
  • Crayons
  • Wax paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Iron
  • Scissors or a circle punch
  • Needle and thread
  • You will need a lot of crayons. I used 3 boxes of 100 crayons to fill our windows (keep in mind that you may only use part of the box of crayons). 
  • Pick out your color palette and take out all of those crayons. I chose greens and blues, but whatever palette you choose will end up looking lovely. Roughly separate all of your colors so that when you begin melting you don’t get a pool of brown.  
  • You will need to peel the paper off of the crayons and then break them down. There are a few ways to go about this. You could go for the tried and true pencil sharpener method, the chop on the cutting board tactic, or the easy way: the blender! Use your best judgement, not all blenders are created equal and I don’t want you risking your morning smoothie routine. 
  • I did use my blender (it worked like a dream) and pulsed the crayons for about 15 seconds and got a great powdery result.  I dumped all of my powdered crayons into the compartments of an egg carton for easy access later, but several bowls would do the trick!

Here’s when you start seeing what you’ll end up with!
  • Tear sheets of waxed paper into 6-by-16 inch sheets. Fold the sheet in half to make a 3-by-16 inch rectangle. 
  • Open your rectangle back up and sprinkle your crayon bits evenly across the wax paper. A little bit goes a long way, I used about 1/2 a tablespoon per wax paper rectangle. 
  • Fold your wax paper back to make a sandwich over the crayons, cover with kraft paper to protect your iron. Press the iron to melt the crayons. Let them cool and cut them into circles. 
  • String them together with a needle and thread and repeat!

And that’s it! The installed ‘curtains’ look so lovely with the light shining through. Stay tuned for the next window post. I’m so excited to continue sharing these oh-so-fun projects!

Farm wedding invitations

I have been waiting for months (8 to be exact) to write about Elizabeth and David’s farm-themed wedding invitations. This was one of my absolute favorite projects to work on, not only because the design and colors were so fun, but because Elizabeth and David were an absolute joy to work with.

This project began with the save the dates below which utilized their funky color palate of green, yellow and bright blue and incorporated farm-themed wording.

Elizabeth and David gave us free reign when designing their invitation suite and only had 1 request which was to include an illustration of David’s family’s farm which doubled as the wedding site so Sam and I enlisted Nate Duval, a Boston-based illustrator and designer, to help us out. In addition to the house, we asked him to illustrate one of the cows on the property and some day lilies which are abundant in their fields. Nate’s style is very funky and abstract so we opted against a computer font for their information and instead I wrote out every word for each piece. We couldn’t have been more excited about how the suite came together. But, just before preparing the plates to print, I decided we needed one more embellishment to make this piece a “wow”. We created a gate fold that looked like barn doors and glued each invitation inside. Upon opening the doors, the invitation was revealed. We tied the folded piece shut with twine and tucked the reply card and envelope underneath, on the backside of the gate fold. Here are the results:

We had this lovely suite featured on the Oh So Beautiful Paper blog a couple of months ago. Thank you, Nole. Read the piece here. And here is a picture of the gorgeous couple on their wedding day:

Hooray for the newlyweds! Thank you E&D for letting us design such a fabulous invitation suite! It really was one of our absolute favorites from 2010 and we can’t wait to get crackin’ on some adorable birth announcements… even if you are in Arizona! No pressure, of course.

Designer Spotlight: The Lettered Olive

I’ve been pouring through our new album from The Lettered Olive – a couture paper company based out of Charleston, South Carolina and New York City. It’s just absolutely amazing. The designs range from ornate and intricate to fresh and modern and everything in between. Whitney and I fell in love with The Lettered Olive when we met the lovely ladies at the NSS and got a peek at their gorgeous wedding album.

The big, beautiful album features over 18 stunning designs – all completely and truly customizable. Choose from a full library of detailing options from incredible, lace-like belly bands, punchy edge painting, and dozens of patterned backings and envelopes liners to a large collection of fonts and broad palate of colors. The options are endless and it’s a joy to mix and match elements to create the absolute perfect invitation for each client.

One of the things I really love about this book is how they included photos of a wedding/party of similar aesthetic with each design. Seeing how the design, color and tone of a wedding or event can translate into an amazing, crafted invitations or vice versa really is truly inspiring.

As if I needed any more reason to love this company, The Lettered Olive honors a serious commitment to the environment. They print on 100% tree-free cotton paper using a wind-powered letterpress. All the inks are vegetable and/or VOC (volatile organic compound) based and they use only low VOC and citrus-based solvents to clean the presses. Pretty rad, right?

Take a peek at some of their amazing designs below. Bu,t I have to say, nothing beats coming in to see the real deal in person with all the bells and whistles. The Lettered Olive pieces are seriously beautiful and the book is a treat to look through.

(all photos courtesy of The Lettered Olive)